Are You Buying Cookies Or Creating Attraction?

Are You Buying Cookies Or Creating Attraction?

Here’s a thought experiment to understand the power of language for seduction.

Imagine some cute little girl scouts come to your door, selling cookies. They are excited, dressed up in their girl scout uniforms, and their mom is standing behind them just in case.

Would you buy some cookies? Maybe, maybe not.

Now consider this. Some middle aged fat  buy girl scout cookies online guy comes to your door, wearing an overly tight t-shirt that hasn’t been washed in a couple weeks. He smells like a mix of beer and garlic. But he’s also selling cookies. He gives you the EXACT same pitch that those girls scouts gave you.

Would you buy some cookies? You’d probably call the cops. Or maybe just check him out through the peephole and say, “What the f… ?”

One more scenario. Two GORGEOUS college girls come knocking. Well endowed, wearing tight t-shorts and shorts. They are VERY bubbly, outgoing and have BEAUTIFUL smiles.

Same pitch for the cookies. Same words, different presentation.

Would you buy some? Now you may be thinking that you are smarter than that, but you ain’t. Nobody is. In fact, if you are a normal human without tinfoil stuffed in your brain, they probably wouldn’t even have to say anything.

They’d just show you the cookies, hand you a price sheet, and you’d buy everything they had.

When two girls show up, whatever comes out of their mouths is taken as gospel truth. This is why they hire hot girls to be newscasters and advertisers. Whatever cute girls say, we believe it, like it or not.

What’s the point?

The point is that the specific words that we say, when picking up girls, are much, much less important than we realize. Memorizing whole slew of patterns might seem like a good idea, but unless you’re confident, and hold a strong frame, you may as well be reciting a recipe for banana bread.

The truth is that so long as you are confident, and aren’t too detached to the outcome, meaning you aren’t desperate and needy and putting her up on a huge pedestal, it doesn’t really matter WHAT you say.

So long you’re ‘in the moment’ and enjoying yourself, she’ll be ‘in the moment’ and enjoying you.

That’s how females are programmed. A dominant male shows up with a strong frame, they’ll unconsciously drift into it. Just like we’d unconsciously decide that we LOVE cookies when those two babes come knocking.

How do you get that powerful, confident frame?

Practice. How do you practice? By writing out, long hand, these incredible patterns.

They’ll give you a lot more flexibility, allowing you to have a lot more fun, in the moment.

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