Benefits of Online Patient Appointment Scheduling System

Benefits of Online Patient Appointment Scheduling System

At the outset, you were quite happy and confident running medical health care center but then there have been many occasions where you could find no way out to solve the patients’ complaints about several issues such as getting busy tone while booking for their appointments and forgetting the blood tests suggested by you as they were not informed or notified about the due date. You cannot always be at loggerheads  appointment booking system with human medical staff at front desk as they have their own limitations. For instance, you cannot expect the staff to present and answer patients’ calls all day and night! Also, humans are driven by emotions and physical limitations -you cannot ask front office executive to work 24/7 without taking even a single leave!

Overcoming all such issues require powerful tool that not only tackles day-to-day medical management issues but also helps in boosting the revenue of the center. Online Patient Appointment Scheduling System (OPASS) is said to be one of the most essential tool that plays role of virtual medical receptionist that is quite out of human staff’s pay. Let us look some major benefits of online doctor appointment scheduler…


  • Online appointment scheduler allows patients to register online and book their appointments without having spoken to human medical staff at front desk. This reduces the confusion and misunderstanding regarding allotting the time to the patients. Simply put, issues such as time overlaps (allotting same time to more than one patient) are solved!
  • Things go really well with web-based online patient appointment scheduler at the helm. The system is web based and has capability to send the data onto your handheld device (say -Blackberry) that you can access and even edit (reschedule, cancel, postpone appointment etc).
  • Using such system does not require you to commit anything to memory. You can use the system as patient reminder that calls patients automatically and informs/notifies them about whatever you want (such as due visits for consultation, dietary restrictions, any tests to be performed timely).
  • No-show patients (the ones who book appointment but do not turn in time or do not turn at all) cost a pretty penny at the end of the month. Tackling them is quite easy with online doctor appointment scheduling system. A prepaid option asks for consultation fees in advance and hence saves revenue loss.
  • The system can be used as medical answering system. It can answer patients’ calls at any given time. In addition, the system can be tailored using owner’s feed (answers) according to his/her expertise in medical domain.


Apart from above mentioned benefits of online appointment booking system for patients, the owner can also tune it as medical answering. Doing this would enable the system to answer patients’ calls as per tailored statements. Even more than one call can be answered at a time without getting the caller engage-tone.  A 24/7 service offered by online doctor appointment scheduler cum medical virtual receptionist is the best deal you can ever have for making medical office automated.

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