Best Weight Loss Secrets – Lose Weight Happily by Eating Delicious Foods

Best Weight Loss Secrets – Lose Weight Happily by Eating Delicious Foods

Most diets have you eating boring tasteless food; this doesn’t have to happen to you. So many delicious foods aren’t loaded with calories and can making dieting so much easier. Happily enjoy these food and still loss weight!

Breakfast: menunalong

Kick the boredom of eating in your kitchen every morning. The place where you eat can be just as important as the food you eat. Enjoy your food outside near the pool or on the deck. A spa is a great, relaxing place to have breakfast.

So what’s for breakfast? One of my favorites is oatmeal, but there are other healthy foods that are out there. If you do chose oatmeal make sure that the oatmeal topper you use, if any, is low on fat. Throw some nuts and cinnamon on it for a tasty treat.

Here’s another recipe for a healthy first meal.

What you need:
– Raspberries
– Non-fat or low-fat yogurt
– Melon.

Slice the melon into small pieces, and top it with one spoonful of yogurt and sliced raspberries. It will make for a great food in itself, but just in case it doesn’t satisfy your hunger, follow it with an omelet!


You should never skip breakfast; it’s the first meal of the day and very important. Just as important, if not more, is lunch. Here I give you one recipe that I use for lunch. There’s no excuse for eating junk or fatty foods with this recipe:

Cobb Salad:

What you need:
– Hard boiled eggs
– Iceberg lettuce
– Avocado
– Low-fat turkey
– Tomatoes
– Low-fat crumbled cheese.

Chop the iceberg lettuce. Have the tomatoes, avocado, cheese, turkey, and eggs arranged in such a way that they cross rows with the chopped lettuce. Squeeze a couple of lemon wedges over the mixture before you dig in the avocado. Once again there’s no excuse not to enjoy lunch (and kick the junk food out the door) with this delicious salad.

If you want more information about these recipes or want more of them, do a Google search or visit your local library. With enough information to make your meals tastier and more delicious, you’ll be eating healthier and losing weight.

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