Calcium Good Source – How to Add A Calcium Good Source to your Everyday Diet

Calcium Good Source – How to Add A Calcium Good Source to your Everyday Diet

Calcium is found in many vegetables, fruits and dairy products. Adding a calcium good source to your everyday diet is therefore not very difficult. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, there is something for you from the naturally available food stuff. Let’s find out how to add a calcium good source to your diet depending on your daily requirements as well as your likeness.

Those who like eating vegetables on a Purie regular basis can add broccoli, spinach and cabbage to their everyday diet. Mixed salad using kale, turnip greens and dandelion greens can also be made which is full of nutrients and very healthy. Beans and nuts are also counted as a calcium good source and can be consumed in their raw form.

If you like beans, don’t forget to add tofu as a good calcium source to your diet. It’s a rich source of calcium and some other nutrients. Similarly, ready-to-eat cereals and calcium-fortified orange juice can be consumed to obtain adequate amounts of calcium in breakfast.

Among fish and seafood sardines, salmon, shrimps, oysters and sea vegetables are fairly good sources of calcium. You can also eat canned tuna, canned salmon and dishes made with fish. Don’t forget to eat sardines with bones every once in a while as it provides up to 1000 mg of calcium in just one serving.

Another good source of calcium also includes milk and dairy products like yoghurt, cream, cheese and ice cream. If you are not fond of milk or are allergic to it, then soy milk can serve as a good alternative to regular milk. Low-fat dairy products are equally effective and should be added to your everyday diet to obtain adequate amounts of not only calcium but other minerals as well.

Other sources of calcium include blackstrap molasses, boiled bone soup and soy beverages. Avoid eating too much sugar and salt. Also avoid a protein-rich diet coming from animal sources as it may cause calcium loss in your body. For proper absorption of calcium, don’t forget to add multi-vitamin tablets to your diet. Also try to find good-quality calcium supplements to act as a calcium source to fulfill your daily calcium requirements.

Calcium supplements made with calcium carbonate and coral calcium are more effective when taken after meals. They are helpful in controlling stomach acidity and also help in proper digestion of food.

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