How to Build an iPhone App

If you have done your research into mobile sell macbook singapore then you will know that some mobile phones have dual cores, without getting two technical the more cores you have the better processing power your phone is going to have. There are other factors that come into play such as the clock speed of these cores but like I said for the purpose of this review I won’t get too technical. The iPhone 4 only has a 1GHZ single core processor whereas the newer model phones such as the Samsung Galaxy 2 have 2 cores. This however shouldn’t put you off as the iPhone will handle all the tasks you want it to. I have only ever found the phone to go slow when you are running multiple apps simultaneously.

iPhone 4 Phone Design

iPhone 3 and 3GS users will be used to their sleek looking device with the curved plastic back, and I must admit I loved this design, so when the iPhone 4 came along with its rectangular and flat design I was rather put off and thought initially that it was borderline ugly.

Without a phone case there is no question that I still prefer the feel to the 3GS over the 4 but with a case I find the iPhone 4 easier to grip and it feels like a much more solid mobile phone.

The iPhone 4 is much different from its little brother the 3GS its much more compact but still weights 137g, so you get a much smaller yet compact device that feels solid. The side of the phone is stainless steel where the front and back are made out of some type of reinforced glass.

I have seen one review website saying that one of their employees has dropped this phone out of a low level window and nothing happened to the phone, now sorry I don’t believe this at all. Maybe they wrapped the device in bubble wrap first and then tried it, but otherwise this device will crack. Having said that if you drop this phone from your pocket to the ground then you shouldn’t receive any problems, but just to make sure I would recommend getting a cheap case off eBay or somewhere like that.

iPhone 4 Camera

I have never used an iPhone camera previously to owning this iPhone 4 so I wasn’t sure of the quality that the phone would produce. On using the camera I very much like it, I think the quality of image is great the colors are realistic and the built in flash is pretty good but can sometimes overexpose the image. I often find myself using the built in flash as a torch with the iTorch4 app. The HDR mode is also pretty cool and what this mode does is take 3 different exposure levels and blend them together to give a cool looking image.

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