How to Tell What Are the Best Computer Speaker

How to Tell What Are the Best Computer Speaker

Computer or multimedia speakers are connected externally to a computer. They disable the computers built-in speakers which have lower reliability. These also often have amplifiers which make the best computer speakers  15 inch speaker box  (internally built and low powered). The regular audio connection is color coded green (or black) for computers audio cards. The stereo jack plugs size is usually 1/8 inch (3.5 mm). It also has socket and plug for connecting analog video and audio components. The backs of numerous A/V products or amplifiers have rows of RCA sockets or phono-connectors. They are 5/16 long and 1/8 broad. RCA connectors are also used as inputs. USB speakers are also available in the market which allow half watt output power and are powered at 200 milliamps.

There is a wide quality and range of computer speakers available in the market. The speakers that come with new computer systems are usually mediocre plastic boxes that offer very poor or below average sound quality. Some of them are a little better and have features such as treble, bass and equalization which can be used to improve or change (according to users desire) the sound quality.

A wall-wart, an external power source, is required to use the internal amplifiers of speakers. More complicated and advanced computer speakers have power amplifiers for satellite speakers and the bass speakers. These also have sub woofer units which can enhance the bass output of the speakers. Basic speakers are built-in some computer displays. The laptops have integrated speakers but due to less space availability, the laptop speakers can only produce sound that is of low-quality.

A more practical option which can produce better results (sounds) than many small PC speakers is to connect an existing stereo system with a computer sound output through a lead this will make the Best Computer Speakers for sure. The low cost computer speakers can be used instead with iPods or mp3 players by people who do not wish to hear the music with their earphones. Many computers also have jacks for ear/headphones in their sound cards.

The features of speakers can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but they generally include a 3.5-mm headphone jack, a LED power indicator, controls for treble, bass, volume and a remote to control volume.

Unless they are designed for high sound performance and quality, there are several measures which are taken to cut their cost. The speakers which are cost cut lack built-in audio sources or FM/AM tuners. The plug can be rigged with the same plug of the adapter so that the speaker can work with other stereo components like turntables, CD/VCD/DVD or cassette players etc. however, computers now-a-days have CD/DVD ROM drives which can play their own video and audio. Nowadays, many computer speakers can work with all the stereo components although they are specifically designed for computers only. There are also many speaker manufacturing companies which offer stereo RCA in speakers jack.

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