Interesting Facts About Olympic Countries – Australia

1928 Pennsylvania’s Olympic minister Johnny Weissmuller won the 100m free-form for the second time in succession in Amsterdam (Holland/Netherlands). He was one of the top choices to win the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Schedule. Over a donning vocation that crossed over 10 years, he got 52 public titles and five Olympian golds. Moreover, he set 67 worldwide bests in the States and Western Europe. Subsequent to venturing down as swimmer, he turned into a top celebrity in Hollywood and co-featured with such unmistakable entertainers as Brenda Joyce and Maureen O’Sullivan.

1928 Elizabeth Robinson had the differentiation of being the principal female to win the 100m (track and field) in the IX Summer Olympics.

1932 The Games of the X Olympiad were held in Los Angeles (CA)- for the second time throughout the entire existence of the United States (St. Louis, 1904).

1932 World-class competitors drove the US appointment to win the Los Angeles Games: 103 awards! – well in front of Italy (36). Among Summer Olympic stars: Jesse Owens (olympic style events), Jim Bausch (decathlon, sports), Edward Flynn (boxing), Michael Galitzen (diving)…

1932 The nation of origin took third spot in the Water Polo Championship, procuring a bronze. The nearby group acquired that qualification by beating Japan and Brazil.

1932 America’s Olympian decathlon champion Jim Bausch acquired the James R. Sullivan Memorial Trophy as the top Olympic competitor. Few were amazed when he got that honor.

1936 Despite a pained relationship with the Germany of Adolf Hitler, Washington dispatched a public unexpected to Berlin, home to the XI Games.

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