Phillip Island Holiday Parks

Phillip Island Holiday Parks

Phillip Island is an Australian island that is located South East of Melbourne. It is named after the old Governor of New South Wales ‘Arthur Phillip’ and is a natural breakwater for shallow waters from the Western Port.

It is also one of the best places to visit in Australia if you Attorney Solon Phillips  enjoy natural beauty, and particularly if you have a keenness for wildlife. Phillip Island provides many holiday parks to cater for the busy tourist seasons when the populations swells from 7,000 to 40,000. There are plenty of things that bring people to Philip Island and tonnes of reasons to relax in one of these parks which are ideal for the kind of relaxing holidays that many of us look forward to all year round.
Wildlife, Scenery and Weather

One of the main reasons that many people are drawn to Phillip Island is to witness the vaunted ‘Penguin Parade’. This is an event that takes place at the Phillip Island Nature Park, which is one of the only places to see the Little Penguins. This is a particular species of penguin which come ashore in groups and make for some fantastic photo opportunities.

If you’re a fan of wildlife though, there is more to see than just the Little Penguins. For instance you will also find wallabies and kangaroos at the part, and this is one of the only places where they roam freely among you allowing you to get right up close to them. Or you can visit the Seal Rocks which are situated at the Western side of the island and which are home to a huge colony of fur seals. As well there this island is considered an ‘important bird area’, due to the number of rare birds.

On top of the great wildlife for you to experience, many people enjoy the climate as a highlight of Phillip Island. Though it is cooler than Melbourne and tempered by ocean breezes, it is still a great place to catch some rays and to enjoy warm weather. There’s also tonnes of great scenery – in particular the long beaches, as well as some of the caves and natural rock formations.
Other Attractions

The island is also brimming with nightlife and amenities and this is a great place to come for food, drink and entertainment. It also has lots of other draws for specific groups too – for rock fans for instance there is the Pyramid Rock Festival held on New Year’s Eve; while for motorsports fans there is a lot to see and do here – not only was Philip Island the original home of the Australian Grand Prix, but today you can also see the Australian motorcycle Grand Prix.

And for surfers Phillip Island won’t disappoint either and is able to offer great beaches for enjoying the pass time. On top of that are the surfing events such as the Rip Curl Pro event which was held there in 2005 and the Roxy Pro Women’s Surfing Festival.

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