Removing Moles From Your Face – Time and Cost Comparisons

Removing Moles From Your Face – Time and Cost Comparisons

Removing moles from your face has some important factors that you must consider. Before jumping into a way of removing moles from your face you should do your homework and find out how different procedures vary in cost and time needed to get rid of the mole.

I will give you an outline of these two prezzo traslochi  important factors and look at surgical solutions compared to natural remedies for removing moles from your face.

Removing Moles From Your Face – Cost Comparisons


  • Least Expensive – Natural mole removal ($10 – $50)
  • Mid-Range Expensive – Surgical mole removal ($200 – $400 per mole)
  • Most Expensive – Laser mole removal ($400+ per mole)


Naturally removing moles from your face typically involves the use of common and inexpensive ingredients found in your local grocery store or at a nearby health food store. There are many claims about the effectiveness of natural ingredients such as honey, apple cider vinegar, cauliflower juice, and onion juice; however, the evidence of their effectiveness is not supported by research and is only supported through individual claims of cures.

There are also over-the-counter ointments and creams that are designed for removing moles from your face and body areas. These will run more expensive than the home remedies mentioned above but are still low cost. Unfortunately, they do not have a terrific cure rate.

One cure that is supported by both individual case reports and scientific data is the use of castor oil for facial mole removal. Castor oil has a low molecular mass which allows it to penetrate deeper into the skin. Because of this castor oil can work on moles which may have layers of pigment locate below the outer layer of skin (Stratum corneum).

Surgical mole removal typically involves higher costs due to the need for a doctor’s office visit. Additional costs are often involved because the doctor will send the removed mole to the lab to be checked for cancer cells. Be sure to ask your doctor about costs involved, including the need for lab test, before removing moles from your face using surgery.

Laser mole removal is the most expensive procedure and typically requires a number of visits to remove the mole completely. The cost is higher due to the multiple visits and a higher level of medical specialization required.

Keep in mind that facial mole removal is often considered a cosmetic procedure by your insurance company and therefore not covered by insurance.

Removing Moles From Your Face – Time Required To Remove Moles


  • Quickest – Surgical Mole Removal
  • Mid-Range Time – Laser Mole Removal
  • Longest – Natural Mole Removal


Another important consideration is the amount of time it will take to remove a mole. Surgically removing moles from your face will not take long, but there is some healing time involved.

Surgical removal involves cutting, burning, or freezing the mole from your face. This will take place in the doctor’s office and is done using local anesthetic. Care must be taken for a few weeks to limit scarring and this may involve the need to keep the area covered with a bandage, which is something you want to consider with facial mole removal.

Laser mole removal will often require multiple office visits spaced out over time. You should be prepared for a minimum of three office visits and this will vary depending on the size of the mole being removed.

Removing moles from your face using natural ingredients such as castor oil mentioned above will typically require the most time. Small moles can be removed in a matter of days, but larger facial moles can require up to a few months.

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