The Great Benefits of Ezine Marketing

The Great Benefits of Ezine Marketing

What is an Ezine?

An ezine is a newsletter that is delivered via email that members subscribe to, requesting information from a specific niche market. Ezines are also classified as electronic magazines. Ezines are delivered weekly or bi-weekly, but they can be also delivered daily when using solo ads posted on the ezine.

What is Ezine Marketing?

Ezine marketing is the strategy of using ezines to market an ezine  online business. It is also the fastest way of reaching potential customers via email when you have no email list of your own. Using this strategy can reach thousand of customers per ezine that is sent out, giving you greater chances of making sales online. This type of marketing comes with no guarantee of making sales from the campaign, but it is widely used and can be a very successful marketing strategy, especially for new websites. Using this technique is a way to blast several emails at one time by using the ezine to blast your ads to their ezine list. A single ezine ad campaign can cost about fifty dollars to deliver your message to the ezine list. This price can be more or less depending on the ezine that you chose to use. The better or larger the ezine, the higher the marketing price will be to deliver your message. Most ezines will have a list of members between five and thirty thousand members. This number can be a lot higher but most of your ezines will be in this number range, which is plenty to advertise to during one delivered message. The great thing about ezine marketing is the fact that there are literally thousands of ezines online that can be utilized during your ezine marketing campaigns.

Who should be using this type of marketing?

Anyone who possesses an online business or a website should be using ezine marketing as part of their on-going marketing campaigns. This type of marketing is very easy to use, and it gives you the ability to reach thousands of potential customers with minimum applied efforts.

If you want to build an email list quickly, you should utilize an ezine strategy to accomplish this task. Ezine marketing is the fastest way to build your own list due to the fact you are able to reach thousands of prospects during one delivered campaign. The same customers on the ezine list can become your own list providing you can get them to sign up on your list once they arrive at your website. This is usually accomplished by giving away a free item or something too good to past by. You must also have an email capture page to make this strategy work.

Why is this type of marketing important?

Ezine marketing is a critical business tool that must be utilized when marketing online. This form of marketing is the fastest way of reaching a lot of potential buyers in the shortest amount of time, with the less amount of money spent during a campaign.

If you have ever wondered how online millionaires have made their fortunes in one day, it’s with using ezine marketing to spread the word or advertise their products for them on the same day.

What is the Best Formula to use with this type of marketing?

There are a lot of ezines online that can be utilized for your ezine marketing campaigns. I recommend using directory of ezines. This site is a membership based website, but it is worth the money spent if you are going to being using ezine marketing a lot. At this site you will have access to hundreds of ezines that have been proven to be successful.

Next, you will need to design a capture page for capturing email addresses. Having your own email list is like printing money on demand. With your own list, you can literally advertise daily, marketing not only your products, but several different products through affiliate marketing.

Once your capture page is online, you’ll be ready to send a solo ad, by using an ezine to deliver the message. I feel that solo ads are the only way to use ezines to deliver your message online. Solo ads cost a little more, but your ad will be the only ad sent out to the viewers, making this solo ad beneficial for only your ad. By using solo ads, you can rest assure that your ad will get read.

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